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3d Carving Basic Technique 01

Hi..! it's my first tutorial about 3d Carving, i will explain step by step from basic form, thank you
Click on the image to enlarger > Right click to Save

1. Create a "Plane" > start from  Create Panel > Plane > then Right Click > Convert to Editable Poly > Rotate it a bit, about 40 degree

Buat sebuah "Plane" > mulai dari panel Create > pilih Plane > kemudian Klik kanan > Convert to Editable Poly > putar sedikit sekitar 40 derajat

2. With vertex selection > move all vertex ( see the picture below )  > then Extrude Edges ( select edges + Shift + Drag )

Dengan seleksi Vertex > geser vertex ( lihat gambar di bawah)  > kemudian Extrude Edges ke kanan dan ke kiri ( pilih edges + tekan Shift + kemudian Drag/tarik ke samping )

3. Add some line with "Cut"  ( with vertex selection > Cut )

Tambahkan beberapa garis dengan menggunakan " Cut" ( lewat seleksi vertek > Cut )

4. With Edge selection > select Edges ( see the Picture ) > then Full forward

Dengan seleksi Edge > pilih Edges ( Lihat gambar )> kemudian tarik kedepan

5. Add some line inside the carving with "Cut"

Tambahkan beberapa garis di tengah ukiran dengan "Cut"

6. Select middle Edges > then pull backward

pilih Edges bagian tengah > tarik ke belakang

7. Here the Final Low Poly

8. Final with  "Use NURMS Subdivision" , ( Iterations = 2 ) to smoothing


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  2. 1 comment is not enough, i really want to thank you for the great tutorial.
    you know I'm professional in 3ds max but this is the first time i create ornament and that's because of your simple and valuable tutorial.
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    1. Thank you very much,...but i cant find you in facebook with elleithy1, can you tell me your facebook email? or you can add me Sinung Wahyono

  3. ikut belajar ya om sinung... :D

  4. suwer .. kok ga bisa2 aku .. hihi.. maklum, aku basic nya kurang nih .. T__T

  5. Really great tutorial, you are a master modeller

  6. You are a truly awesome person. No where I could find a place I could learn 3d moulding, You have taken my heart!... I SERIOUSLY LOVE U !

  7. om hanung, saya ditya, saya baru lulus sma, dan mulai fokus belajar animasi.. saya terbiasa bikin model 3d utk interior yg bentuknya baku, artinya utk membuat bentuk2 ukiran itu blm pernah sama sekali.. saya kesulitan dlm belajar mebuat ukiran, kalo boleh tau, bagaimana pola berpikirnya ya om?? trmksh..

  8. Aku belajar juga tapi pakai blender om sinung.

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  10. Congratulations on the website, I will try to model it in blender
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